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Please note that Multiplayer Poker Texas Hold'em is only a game and is not designed to be capable of real online gambling. Any values displayed in the game represent player's game scores, not real currency. We do not provide payment solutions or integration with any online payment processors or other payment methods.

Online texas hold'em free multiplayer poker portal for beginers. Game Lobby System the live lobby lets you chat, browse and join existing tables and view the number of players at each table. Maximum player sits: 10, minimum players for gambling : 2 player! Virtually Unlimited Table Creation** allows a wide scope of use from small groups to high traffic websites.
High Scores, Stats & Rankings make the game more enjoyable long term.
Players can view their progress as they rise up through the ranks and have the opportunity to analyze their game play via their personal win ratios and move statistics. Custom Avatars can be uploaded by players to give that personal touch to their game character.
Live Chat Module allows players to interact with one another during a game.
Tournament Tables cannot be joined once the game is in play.
The players are knocked off the table as they go bust until one winner remains.
Sit 'n Go Tables that allow players to sit, play and leave at any point.

Instant Live AJAX Game play delivers fast, low bandwidth game play and is compatible with all popular JavaScript enabled browsers.

The game script has been written in a mixture of PHP, MySQL, Ajax and JS.

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Molimo, imajte na umu, da je Multiplayer Poker Texas Hold'em samo igra i nije namijenjena da bude u stanju pravog on-line kockanja. Sve vrijednosti prikazane u igri predstavljaju rezultate igrača, a ne stvarnog novca. Mi ne pružamo rješenja plaćanja ili integraciju sa bilo kojim online plaćnim procesorom ili druge metode plaćanja.

♠ Poker Faca

Prosimo, upoštevajte, da je Multiplayer Poker Texas Hold'em le le igra in ni zasnovana tako, da bi lahko resnično igrali na srečo preko spleta. Vse vrednosti prikazane v igri predstavljajo rezultate igralca, niso v realnem denarju. Spletna stran nima vgrajenega modula za izvajanje plačilnega prometa, ali integracijo s katero koli aplikacijo spletnega plačilnega načina ali drugih načinov plačila.

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